Action Plan

1st Year Plan of Action - 2018

Foundation Building

  • Procure functional office facility
  • Facilitate alliance of 50 youth organizations
  • Recruit 50 committed core members
  • Provide Academic Scholarships to 10 students
  • The Memphis Youth Coalition Scholarship Gala
  • Introduce ( an interactive social website)
  • 1,200 Documented Memphis Youth Coalition Members

3rd Year Plan of Action - 2021

The Memphis Youth Coalition Complex

This facility will promote the highest level of youth awareness in our city and communities. This location will serve as the central nerve center for The Memphis Youth Coalition and its administration. Moreover; our after school mentoring and tutoring programs will function weekly promoting education and morale in our communities. Also, our Performing Arts programs such as theatre, dance, vocal music and recording will function as alternatives to domestic violence and crime throughout our neighborhoods. We believe that the body is just as important as the spirit and the soul, therefore; a Fitness and Wellness center will be available for students to understand healthy living and lifestyles. Finally a state of the art auditorium equipped with multi media, sound and lights to promote positive city-wide events.

5th Year Plan of Action - 2023

The Memphis Youth Coalition Multiplex

This facility will promote the highest level of youth awareness also. In addition to promoting Education, Performing Arts and Fitness / Wellness this addition would include a state of the art strategic learning lab, full court gymnasium, fitness center and after school internet cafe.

The full court gymnasium and Fitness will remain open 24hrs / 5 days a week. This facility will also be a safe house for runaways with onsite adolescent counseling.