Donations & Needs

Top Organizational Needs
Priority Donation / Sponsorship Opportunity Goal
1 5 Days of Feeding - Title Sponsorship $5000
2 5 Days of Feeding - Community Center Sponsorship $3000
3 5 Days of Feeding - Chef Sponsorship $1500
4 5 Days of Feeding - Silver Spoon Sponsorship $500
5 5 Days of Feeding - Partner Sponsorship $300
How  donations  flow  to  communities
Directing funds to the programs in lieu of overhead

The Memphis Youth Coalition strives to be a good steward of the money it receives in donations. At least 85% of all donations received by the MYC go directly towards programs and services that support our mission.

How  you  can  donate
Your donation to the Memphis Youth Coalition helps enrich and build better lives for the youth of the greater Memphis community.

The girls and boys of Memphis are counting on you to support our mission and donate for children.

The youth need your help today! With your one time donation, you can deliver life-changing support to targeted youth that need it the most. There are so many ways to give to the Memphis Youth Coalition. Donate online, mail donations to the address below, or through our many other ways to donate. We've made it easy to help in ways that work for you.

Memphis Youth Coalition 2959 Elmore Park Rd Memphis, TN 38134