Mission  Statement

The mission of the Memphis Youth Coalition is to prevent youth crimes and violence through education, community development, performing arts, and sports.

Organization  Overivew

The Memphis Youth Coalition is a youth outreach organization that targets urban youth ages 12- 21. The Memphis Youth Coalition's purpose is to reduce the rate of recidivism, youth violence and youth crimes through education, community development, performing arts and sports. The Memphis Youth Coalition has helped to develop academic skills, behaviors, and attitudes in low income areas and underserved communities. The Memphis Youth Coalition has also helped thousands of middle school and high school students to improve their grades, standardized test scores, attendance, and opportunities to attend college. The Memphis Youth Coalition offers three year-round, community-based programs: Positive Note Music Outreach, The S.H.O.P. (Saviour's House of Prayer), and The Memphis Teen Scene.

Founded in 2002 and reorganized in 2006, The Memphis Youth Coalition serves thousands of students in the Memphis, TN metro area at three sites. We have a current staff of five. With the assistance of 25 volunteer mentors. The Memphis Youth Coalition students spend over 700 hours per year in after-school and summer instruction.