Positive  Note  Youth  Outreach
Music Industry Awareness Program

The purpose of this program is to empower and impart knowledge, to help youth ages 13-19 understand and function in the music and/or entertainment industry; Collectively using positive principles with current industry knowledge and technology.

The Model / Life Skills

Our Life Skills are practical, fun, positive teachings focusing on day-to-day life in our communities, schools, churches and society as we know it. Our goal is to teach youth to reach their maximum potential in life through activity, project and scenario based learning, integrity, accountability and courage. Our goal is to help create communities of reflective, independent learners; to enhance deep understanding within disciplines; and to promote critical and creative thinking.

  1. Introduction to the “Biz”
    • Overview of the music industry
    • Is the music industry for me?

  1. The Initial Recording
    • How much should I pay for a music track?
    • How much should I pay for a songwriter to write a song?
    • How much should I pay for studio time?
    • How much should I pay for a recording engineer?
    • How much should I pay for Mixing & Mastering
    • How do I choose the right recording studio?

  1. Personal Managers / Agents
    • Selecting a Personal Manager / Agent
    • The Manager’s / Agent role
    • Management / Agent Contracts
    • The Recording

  1. Business Managers
    • Selecting a Business Manger
    • Duties of a Business Manager
    • Fees/ General financial advice

  1. Entertainment Attorneys
    • When to see an Entertainment Attorney
    • Finding an Entertainment Attorney
    • Entertainment Attorney functions/ fees

  1. Protecting Your Compositions
    • Copyright Laws
    • Publishing Your Music (ASCAP, BMI)

  1. “What’s the “Big Deal” (Labels)
    • Major Record Deals
    • Independent Record Deals
    • Production Deals (Music Producers)
    • Demos Deals

  1. Career Preparation “The Artist”
    • The Day and the Life
    • The Tour
    • Staying grounded

  1. Compensation (Getting Paid)
    • Live Performances
    • Internet sales
    • Paraphernalia
    • Publishing / Rights
    • Distribution

  1. Marketing / Publicity
    • Internet Marketing
    • Multi Media Marketing
    • Traditional Marketing
    • Public Relations

  1. Radio / TV / Videos
    1. How do I get my music on the radio?
    2. How do I get my music played on TV
    3. How much does a music video cost?

  1. Graduation

Students receive a certificate of completion from the Positive Note Music Program, a free copy of the Positive Note CD / DVD on its scheduled released date, a Positive Note t-shirt and a copy of ‘All You Need to Know About the Music Business’ by Donald Passman signed by local and national artist and producers with positive words for the future.

  1. Auditions

Auditions allow students to actually experience a real audition with professional and noted music industry individuals with educated constructive criticisms. Consequently; this module also serves as the process in which individuals are selected for the CD / DVD compilation project. 

  1. Students Record Positive Note CD/ DVD Project

The Positive Note CD / DVD Project will allow audition selected individuals the opportunity to record in a professional recording studio. This project and scenario based learning model will allow students to function in real-time preparing them for future scenarios and recording projects.

  1. Positive Note Tour

The Positive Note Tour is our primary outlet for students to showcase their refined talents as artist in the real world. Students will participate in public and private school tours, community center tours, church tours and special events. This creates opportunities for students to market and promote their new CD / DVD projects to reach critical mass with positive messages of motivation, inspiration and hope.

  1. Positive Note Music Co.

Positive Note Music Company gives students that have a desire to function in a behind the scene managerial, marketing or production capacity; will have the opportunity with Positive Note Music Company. Students will work under the auspices of professionals in areas of:

  • Promotions / Marketing
  • Personal / Business Management
  • Entertainment Law
  • Production
  • Distribution

In one-way or another, music benefits everyone in our society. Yet few people ever appreciate how difficult it is for a musician, singer or songwriter to make a living working at their craft. Little attention is given to the years of study and practice, the enormous expense of musical equipment, the problems and paradoxes of auditions, showcasing and recording demos, and continual rejection by music buyers.

Prayerfully, this program will help give hope to young people striving to pursue their dreams with a career in the music industry.