The  Savior's  House  of  Prayer
Getting Real Results

The Savior's House of Prayer (The S.H.O.P.) Youth Christian Center is a multicultural youth outreach that focuses primarily on youth ages 12 - 19 in the areas of Christian Development, Life Skills, Performing Arts, Education, Finances and Health / Wellness.

There is absolutely no one solution to domestic violence, random acts of unruliness, unconscious exploits of brutality and unhealthy entertainment among our youth communities and public schools. A need for proactive aggressive initiatives that render results is apparent.

We believe The S.H.O.P. Youth Christian Outreach is one strategic solution to a myriad of quandary in our present and future generation of tomorrow’s leaders. The S.H.O.P. won’t only be a normal Youth Outreach for youth services, but it will also host a social informative website of positive promotion and education in addition to a resource of edification and life building principals.

The S.H.O.P YCC - Online

This will be a social informative website that recognizes students in Memphis and Shelby County Middle / High Schools for their achievements, accomplishments and contribution to the community. This website will also:

  • Recognize student superlatives monthly such as: In school organizations, athletics, academics, performing arts and conduct
  • Blogs for youth, school and community related issues
  • Polling
  • School Events i.e. games, concerts, plays, etc.
  • Positive community events
  • Tutoring locations
  • After school programs
  • Positive Music Distribution

The S.H.O.P YCC - Real Time

This will be an aggressive city-wide promotion and marketing campaign against teen and adolescent domestic violence, gang activity, STD's, unhealthy entertainment and promiscuity. In addition to, promoting continued education, economic development, workforce development, and community development and life skills. Positive city-wide events will also encourage community connections and cohesiveness.Target areas and times:

  • Before and after school
  • Athletic events
  • Recreational events
  • Social events
  • Social Sites - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network sites
  • Music concerts
  • Plays and productions